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Loyalty Card

Naheed Supermarket is constantly evolving to provide better value for money for our loyal customers. Our Customer Loyalty Program has been updated to provide upto 5% discounted credit on various items. You will be able to redeem the credit, which will be awarded as points, on your following purchases using your Customer Loyalty card.

I would like to apply for a Loyalty Card. What do I have to do?

To apply for a Loyalty Card you simply have to fill out the registration form and either drop it off at the payment counters or mail it to Naheed Supermarket. You can aquire the form from the main counter.

What benefits will I get with a Loyalty Card?

Once you recieve your Loyalty Card you will be entitled to the following benefits:

How do I use my Loyalty Card to avail the new benefits; Am I affected if I already have a Loyalty Card?

If you are an existing Loyalty Card holder you can continue to use your existing card to get the new benefits. The difference in the Loyalty Card program will affect you in two ways:

1. At the time of purchase you will have to provide your Loyalty card before the transaction is made. We will not be able to affix points to the card after the transaction is completed.

2. Between 1 and 5 points will be awarded for every Rs.100 on your Loyalty card which will be redeemable on your next transaction at Naheed Supermarket.

A cash discount will not be available at the time of transaction with the new Loyalty Card program.

I am an existing Loyalty Card Holder but have lost my card. What do I have to do to get a new card issued?

If you have lost your card you should inform the personnel at the main counter who will issue a new card and cancel the old one.


Note: Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery of your card.

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